Blasphemy Salvation

by Throne of evil

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released February 20, 2008

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Throne Of Evil Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Throne of Evil was born in Antofagasta, Chile.

2007-EP. " Blasphemy Salvation" a dark and misanthropic material that speaks to the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and expresses the rejection to the weak humanity seeking in false fables to justify their decadent actions .
2013: Lp- "Muerte Por Creencias": focused on the ancient cultures that currently are neglected by this society without memory
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Track Name: Throne of Evil - Blasphemy Salvation
Blasphemy Salvation

Letra y Música: Balrog

Blasphemies, murders, spells, and war,
by these causes they will be sentenced.
They have a mark on the forehead or hand,
you will burn and scream in the fire.
Your kingdom burn in hell
and you will die sinful of light.

I’m the alpha and omega,
i’m beginning and the end,
i’m the lord of sacrifice.
The sins, torments and disease;
i will convert you life in death.
The pentagram is my sign.

Now is the time.
Where is your fucking Messiah now?.

Now is the time.
all sons of God will die.

Now is the time.
for us my blasphemy brothers.

Is too late for you...
too late for your salvation!.
Track Name: Throne of Evil - Weak Mankind
Blessed be the destroyers of the false hope,
since they are the real Messiah.
Damned be the adorers of god,
since they are sheeps of flock.

Your envy, hypocrisy, corruption, desires of wealths.
Strong feelings censured by the weak of minds.
Look but do not touch, touch but do not try, try but do not swallow.
They live and die with the false conviction.

Seated I will observe like
there is burned herdity
of censorships and impositions.
They will be tormented by the misanthropy of the darkness.

Prosecuted by his own prophecies,
and annihilated by the incarnated madness,
obstinate weak you are opaque light.
Do not blame you, just kill them.

The darkness is in your temple.
You do not bandage yourself to find your salvation.
His condemnation already has begin.
The morbid facts that pass to be doctrines.
This is the moment to stop
the prostitution of faith.
Track Name: Evil Force
Your stupid blinds,
your ignorance,
your fucking minds increase my morbid hatred.
I will be vomit
in your cheap rhetoric.
I will give my soul to sathanas!.

I’ll do no more than the follow the inherent force
in the human being. The evilness!.

I want
to destroy
the faith
in the humanity

Kill the father,
torture the son,
and fornicates
the holy spirit.
Take your salvation
with fear and trembling,
but you will be
dying of fear.
The prayers
of the christians
will not pacify
his infernal screams.

You bastard,
i will burn your temple,
i will dirty the mind
of your lambs.
I will rot
your education
and blot
your faith.
Track Name: Throne of Evil - Throne Of Evil
In the glorious times
22 were burnt,
hatred and the evil
were there indeed.

In opposition reduce his freedom,
they cut his world and denied his past
practice in the throne of evil.

Fanttoft, Skojold and Hollmenkollen,
will burn in these memories.
They speak about glory,
about a circle that it was inspiring of terror.

Now we must to reborn,
and no limit for our freedom,
marked for the hatred.
We must return to forge...
the throne of evil.

Hate you christian fucking possers
you do not belong to this place,
incongruent bastard fuck your self.
Only chosen ones
have right to listen.
You pathetic existence,
just see, them make me sick.


Imposing his will,
nobody must be idly,
that is the way
Satan represents our freedom
Track Name: Throne of Evil - Real Church
So many years living in the lies.
So many years ripped by the faith.
The laws of your god do not apply here,
they choose the real evilness.

Your fucking church is forged,
with fire, envies and death.
All their ceremonies contains blasphemies.

Stupid christians
continues praying,
to any mother fucker
except for your god.

It's time to open their minds.
Satan rules this land.
Catholic church will named by his real name
his name is satanic church